AMCM Associació de Motos Clàssiques Montesa

The Motorcycle Association Clàssiques Montesa was born with the purpose of preserving and promoting one of the industrial estates of our country, the motorcycle world, which marked an era and generations, such as the classic motorcycles of the Montesa brand.

We are a non-profit association, with headquarters in Gaià (Barcelona), we organize different events and an annual meeting of lovers and owners of classic Montesa motorcycles.

Stay, Meetings and Departures

1ª Quedada Montesista en Terrassa (8 de Junio de 2016)

On June 8, 2016, we organized the first Montesista Stay in the city of Terrassa (Barcelona).

We have the assistance of about thirty Montesa, both Road, Enduro and Trial.

We take a stroll through the city, including a lunch of Germanor next to our motorcycles and concluding with a visit to the Museum of Science and Technology of Terrassa, where is permanently the largest exhibition of motorcycles Montesa.

Also, we make a raffle with products and gifts from our collaborators.

Great atmosphere, great day and wanting to repeat in 2017.


What happens to the Intrenational Salon of the classic vehicle Auto Retro Barcelona?

I had doubts for weeks, whether or not to go to the Auto Retro 2017. On the one hand, as a good fan of the classics in general and a member of the Association, my positive side said that I could not miss the International Classical Vehicle Show in Barcelona, ​​which It is already in …